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Live Shows

Live shows & Performance


Despertar Elétrico

a new production by The Living Theatre collective


Despertar Elétrico (Electric Awakening) is a collectively built workshop and live performance piece created by members of The Living Theatre.  This is the first original piece created and performed by the collective following the death of founder, Judith Malina (d. 2015).  The purpose of the Electric Awakening is to kill the parts of ourselves and our system that do not serve the people and the earth. Electric Awakening challenges the participants to seek out their own internal transformation through a radical birth rite.  The collective creation of the piece included a four day workshop with 20 Brazilian performers who were integral in shaping the piece through an intensive exchange of ideas. This immersive work relies on the performers welcoming and guiding the public through the entirety of the show.  Together, we shed our passivity and discover collective transformation.  In conjunction with the Living Theatre, Presente! Exhibition.  First Performed in Sao Paulo, Brazil at SESC Consolação November 4-7, 2017                                                                                                                                               

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ChildRen of No Nation

a radical playground


Children of No Nation is a happening that first appeared in Portland, Oregon at the Impossible Box art space on June 1st, 2017.  The experimental container featured visual art from Sarah Best, dance performances by  Helen Spencer-Wallace, Hank Logan, Cypress Atlas, music and spoken word performances by Brad Hamers, video light, music, and poetry by jdaugh, music by Cornfield (Ben Martens and Helen Spencer-Wallace) and Cat Child and featuring a performance by Child of No Nation.  The traveling happening collaborates with local artists to heal the wounds of lost touch in cyberspace. 

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Know Your Rights

The Living Theatre US Tour, 2016


As the US becomes increasingly disillusioned and mired in the election process, with thousands of votes swallowed in the system, with government power based on hate, war mongering and corporate influence, mass murders prompted by bigotry and fear, a flood of refugees from countries the US has destabilized through war, we choose this time to travel through the middle of America to offer another story. We seek a reawakening of one’s rights and rites. We will travel to large metropolises as well as small towns to presenting Seven Meditations on Political Sado-Masochism and direct action protest performances.  We take up charge of Judith Malina, an indefatigable source of radical artistry. In her name and to honor her legacy, we trek across the states offering a version of the Beautiful Non-Violent Anarchist Revolution. 


Everyone Deserves a Home - August, 2016

Flagstar Bank is not a community bank. The Living Theatre visited Detriot, MI in the summer of 2016 and participated in a grassroots effort to aid members of the community being forced out of their homes. The video of this action was shared by the Detroit Eviction Defense in an effort to gather written support from local influencers whose letters pleading for justice for victims of wrongful eviction were successful in postponing the eviction process.

The Lovers - August 2016

The Living Theatre performed this original protest performance work at the Mormon Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT where the church has made it illegal to engage in acts of love between same sex couples, mixed couples, and any relationship outside church sanctioned marriage between a woman and a man.  The Living walked through the reflection pool, a pool the church built to symbolize the union of Man and Woman exclusive of all others who love differently. 

Death by Monsanto - August 2016

The Living Theatre performs Antonin Artaud's "The Plague" in protest at Monsanto headquarters in St. Louis, MO. A member of the community comes to join in the protest.