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The Living Theatre

Street Theatre



The Lovers - performance action

The Living Theatre performed this original work, The Lovers, at the Mormon Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT in a park where the church has made it illegal to engage in acts of love between same sex couples, mixed couples, and any relationship outside church sanctioned marriage between a woman and a man, symbolized by the stillness of their reflection pool.

The Living Theatre  KNOW YOUR RITES Tour  August, 2016


Apokatastasis at Boeing - performance action

A performance of Apokatastasis in protest at Boeing headquarters in Chicago, IL.

The Living Theatre  KNOW YOUR RITES Tour  August 2016


Everyone Deserves a Home - performance action

Flagstar Bank is not a community bank. The Living Theatre visited Detriot in the summer of 2016 and participated in a grassroots effort to aid members of the community being forced out of their homes. The video of this action was shared by the Detroit Eviction Defense in an effort to gather written support from local influencers whose letters pleading for justice for victims of wrongful eviction were successful in postponing the eviction process.

The Living Theatre  KNOW YOUR RITES Tour  August 2016